We are the stewards of this land, dedicated to expanding the beauty, diversity and resilience of life. Who recognize that deep awareness and care of self are vital to the ecological harmony necessary to thrive. We are integrated with our environment and cultivate relationship and co-creation with our neighbours. We share our journey and teach what we learn, living examples of regeneration for all who are called to witness. We treat everyone, as they are, with respect. We see that all living beings are equal in origins and we are equally unique expressions of this source. We respect, honour and nurture the inherent need for freedom of this expression. We plan for seven generations, taking only what we need and giving back more than we take. Abundance and wisdom are shared. We are responsible for our actions, never compromising our values. Our path evolves naturally as we listen and respond to the world around us. Our process is cyclical and infinite.


The Earth and all of nature is inherently abundant; a perfect design, discovered upon intimate observation. 12.5 billion hectares of habitable land exists here, supporting infinite expressions of life. We now know that every location that has been polluted by linear thinking and imbalance, has the capacity to rapidly regenerate with intentional action and the wisdom & tools are already at our fingertips.

Human consciousness is the unique gift we have been given. Different from all other species that co-exist here, we have the capacity to move beyond instinct alone. To look into the past, imagine the future and consciously interact with the elements; the ability to co-create. The creation of this community is grown from the idea that we can use our gifts to take our rightful place, stepping back into harmony with nature, as caretakers.

Our basis of balanced human development within the jungle, is to leave 75% of each 1 hectare homestead intact while utilizing nature bonding principles & circular systems to cultivate beauty & abundance within the developed spaces. This guarantees our commitment to the preservation of habitat & the expansion of biodiversity, while meeting the needs of mind, body & spirit.


If each family on Earth was given 1 hectare of land to steward, along with the tools, skills and guidance to cultivate nutritious food, clean water and beautiful shelter within that land, we could create conditions for all life to thrive utilizing only 13% of the habitable lands. Once the basic needs are met for all, as nature intended, we will begin to experience flourishing creativity and exponential advancement towards higher qualities of life.