The Discovery.

Located in the center of Quintana Roo, behind the Sian Ka’an Biosphere,
the region is home to many lifeforms & cultural wonders.


Our neighbours include jaguars, spider monkeys, deer, foxes, opossums, coatimundis, raccoons and various reptiles, amongst many others. A variety of singing birds & an orchestra of insects from dusk set an enchanting tone to experience the starry nights.


High forest vegetation includes fine wood trees, orchids, palms, ferns and vines, collectively creating the gorgeous surroundings; their vast shade maintaining the freshness of the environment.


Edible plants existing amongst the forest include vanilla, cacao, zapote, pitahaya & Maya nopal. Numerous species of fruits including many citrus varieties, avocado, banana, coconut, mango, papaya, pomegranate & tomato are indigenous to the region. Conditions are ideal for growing year round, making it an extremely fertile land to achieve food autonomy. 


The land sits 13 KM from the historical town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto. Founded in 1850 by independent Maya people, it remains today a 90% Maya population. The town has a bustling market at its center where local farmers sell their goods. Opening the town to the world stage, Carrillo will host a stop on the Tren Maya, an electric train that circles the peninsula and heads west to Chiapas, connecting our rural location to countless experiences across 1500 km. In advance of the train arriving, the town is receiving many improvements to the infrastructure including beach access, a theater & many public parks.

A lifetime of exploration ensues. With our strategic position, many cultures & landscapes converge to provide a diverse & abundant range of excursions.

hot spots.

Indulge in the infamous white beaches & wild nightlife of Tulum or float in the multicolored lagoon of Bacalar, both just an hour away.

Water world.

If you’re into diving, the peninsula is home to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef and the largest system of cave diving on the planet. For a more leisurely & restorative swim, sunken limestone cenotes and crystal clear lagoons are bountiful across the entire area.

Rich Culture.

Take in the beautiful pastel colours and Spanish colonial architecture of Valladolid or the museums & art galleries of Merida. Perfect weekend getaways to taste the city life.

Ancient history.

Seek out the waterways of Muyil that were carved out of mangrove to accommodate the ceremony of trade with sailors, or the temple sites from Uxmal to Isla Mujeres that align with astrological cycles. We find countless artifacts of the Maya people and their sacred way.

Distant lands.

When you feel called to explore far & wide, we sit amongst 5 international airports, including the newly opened Aeropuerto Internacional Felipe Carrillo Puerto, just 21km to Tulum and 93km to HAVEN. With easy access to flights reaching any destination your heart desires, endless discovery awaits you.