The invitation.

We are building an international community of teachers and students, artists and builders, gardeners and scientists, dreamers, thinkers and doers, all sharing a common goal of meeting our highest potentials. People with diverse gifts & passions, who use their hands to realize visions they hold in their hearts.

We live here in the jungle amongst a community of people with a desire to integrate their lives with the forest, to grow food together and share more than just place with their neighbours. 

We invite you to co-create, to live a lifestyle of discovery and abundance, surrounded by magical forests, freshwater cenotes and blue lagoons. Here we find hidden cities, cultures mingling and wisdom shared.

We are calling to people who are grateful to live each day, who are mindful of their choices and carry love in each action they take. Join us in cultivating beauty and a life full of harmonious possibilities.

Turnkey regenerative living starting at $3M MXN




    • 100m2 (1076m2) nature bonding home within 1 hectare (2.47 acres) of protected jungle
    • Customized floor plan & regenerative design services by AMARA Concepts
    • Water systems including rainwater harvesting and filtration
    • Basic 400W 200ah solar system to power essentials
    • Waste management including recycling & biodigestor
    • Biodynamic food cultivated across the land
    • Access to communal amenities & workshops
    • Access to educational programs
    • 2.1% shareholding per plot
    • Land held in commons
    • Notarized paperwork

Expanded packages available, tailored to your needs.


Our hideaway package is designed to get you living off grid with a simple 100m2 one bedroom home, while giving you the tools to expand. We can also design the homestead to suit your needs up to 2500m2, inclusive of roads, ponds, pools, annual gardens & outdoor living space.

Starting at $15K/m2

We have included a basic 400w 200ah solar package which will charge devices, run lights and small appliances. However, to run large appliances, you will need to expand the system to at least 800w with 300ah of storage.

Starting at $30K/100ah storage

Allow AMARA Concepts to fully furnish your home with elegant minimalism, artisanal craft and all natural materials with a focus on sculpted earth, upcycled metals, fell wood and woven bejuco from our forest, paired with rich textiles of organic cotton, flax and agave.

Packages starting at 360K

If you plan to use your home part time, we can list the space for vacation rentals and handle all the details for your guest experience while you’re away. This service includes marketing, personalized hosting, cleaning & systems maintenance.

21% commission on earnings.

Maintenance of the grounds, roads & amenities will require a monthly contribution to our HOA. We will offset these costs by selling excess produce grown on communal lands. You may also contribute your time towards the improvement of the community for credit towards these fees.

Equal share of actual costs, estimated at $36K/year

While we are starting out with an accessible price point, space is limited. In nature, as resources are depleted, value increases. To highlight a resource based value system, as fewer lots become available, the prices will rise. Reserve your plot today.

Payment plans are available. All prices in MXN.

Ask about our in house financing.

Create with nature.

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