The harmony.

The HAVEN community adheres to permaculture & biomimicry principles,
which have been developed through deep observation of nature
and the incorporation of indigenous wisdom.

12 Principles of Permaculture.

Observe & interact.
Catch & store energy.
Obtain a yield.
Self regulate & accept feedback.
Use & value renewables.
Produce no waste.
Design from pattern to detail.
Integrate rather than segregate.
Use small, slow solutions.
Use & value diversity.
Use edges & value the marginal.
Creatively use & respond to change.

9 principles of biomimicry.

Nature runs on sunlight.
Nature uses only the energy it needs.
Nature fits form to function.
Nature recycles everything.
Nature rewards cooperation.
Nature banks on diversity.
Nature demands local expertise.
Nature curbs excesses from within.
Nature taps the power of limits.


The necessities.

Clean air.

Living amongst the forest naturally provides a high quality of air to breathe. We can expect air quality to further improve as we plant bamboo, which takes in toxins and releases bountiful oxygen.

FRESH water.

Our world’s most precious resource. We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to put roots down in an area rich in supply of this liquid gold. Thanks to the climatic characteristics of the Yucatan Peninsula and its geology, a system of underground reservoirs has formed. The underground rivers are at a depth between 5 & 20 meters across the whole area, providing fresh water sufficient to meet daily needs. Each structure will also be designed to capture and store the rain of its surface area, to be filtered and used as the primary system for drinking & bathing.


Perennial food forests will be planted along roads & pathways and integrated into each homestead, while your home is equipped with a kitchen garden for the freshest herbs & vegetables, providing the highest quality of nutrition on the planet. Food full of life force energy.


We will cultivate bamboo across the land, while teaching you the skills to harvest and create a beautiful long lasting home. This provides each homestead with a sustainable source of income and a low cost of structural building materials. We will also share this knowledge & abundance with the Maya people to ensure a healthy revenue for the surrounding community, empowering locals to keep their land and provide for future generations.

Renewable energy.

Sitting 19 degrees above the equator, power is harvested from the abundant tropical sun. Each dwelling is fitted with solar panels & lithium storage, while we work towards even cleaner systems.

Circular systems.

We close the loop, with waste water being filtered on site and returned to the ground, food scraps composted to give nutrients back to the soil, a community recycling center is provided for metal & glass, while each home is equipped with a bio-digestor to treat solid waste and convert it to fertilizer for trees.

The lifestyle.

With the co-creation of this community, we seek to foster the conditions to nurture the body & mind with ease, so that fulfillment of spirit may blossom to its full potential.

To achieve this harmony, we have incorporated interaction
with the 5 sacred elements into the design of our daily lives.


The element that bonds us to the physical world, in which we have come to learn and play. We are surrounded by forest and engaged in growing, our hands in the soil and aligned in Earth’s cycles.


The essential element, holding restorative and cleansing properties. Your home is transformed into a personal spa with the inclusion of a natural plunge pool to submerge your body and a bathhouse for dedicated space to perform self care rituals.


The breath of life moving through us all. In place of glass windows that close us off from the dance of this force, we opt for open spaces, high ceilings, fans and screens of epic proportion. Keeping the air flowing through your home to create the most comfortable tropical experience.


An element of transformation, purification and abundant energy. Your home will include a fire pit at it’s center; a cozy place to connect with loved ones and gaze into the flames. Also equipped with a rocket stove, wood burning oven and grill, sensibly designed to make cooking with fire easy and efficient.


Ether is the unseen energy that permeates all space. Our ancestors were deeply connected with the night sky, observing patterns & cycles to gain a wider perspective and engage a sense of wonder. As co-creators, we find it crucial to reintegrate this relationship into our routine, so we are building above the canopy to include a star gazing terrace. By day, use the space to take in regenerative rays of sun.