Frequently asked questions.

You have questions. We’ve thought deeply about the answers.


What is HAVEN?

HAVEN is a modern regenerative village being developed between the Riviera & the Maya Forest Garden of Mexico. Designed using permaculture principles, local materials, circular systems and biodynamic techniques to create a refined and harmonious nature bonding lifestyle that nurtures health in the people and the environment.

What is the story behind HAVEN?

HAVEN is co-founded by Walter Frías & Lisa Jackson, who first began their collaboration with an eco-conscious swimwear brand, AMARA Tulum. Inspired by a paradise laying between the jungle and the ocean, where you could immerse in nature every day and be surrounded by community that held similar visions and values.

As we shared our love of this magical place through the brand, the line between devotion and devastation was getting thinner. Soon, it became impossible not to acknowledge that the “eco chic” destination was showing signs of impact from unsustainable growth that sought no more than financial profit. Short sighted to say the least, it quickly became apparent that our quality of life was declining.

The need to look deeper into the brand message became clear, realizing that voicing our values made no sense if our lifestyles weren’t sustainable. We had to walk the talk, to bond with nature. To somehow stop confining natural life to reserves and find a way of integrated living that allows flora and fauna to migrate as they need.

We began to study permaculture and whole systems design, leading us to explore a vast range of topics surrounding this Art of Living. As we followed the impulse of what it meant to live sustainably, a deeper purpose was revealed. Out of a business need, unfolded a social need. To create a living brand, it couldn’t just be about sustainable product, it had to be about the people. If we were going to make a positive contribution to Earth in any way, we would have to create beneficial relationships where we lived; To develop a whole thriving ecosystem to meet our human needs in a harmonious way, starting with a healthy home.

To lay a strong foundation, we sought out secluded land to connect & create with, intentionally tucked away from the tourism but with a bustling local economy and infrastructure in place to support global commerce. We moved away from the ever growing urban sprawl of Tulum, cut back on expenses, learned to live like locals and focused on eliminating waste.

Once we determined the location for the AMARA Residence, the desire to be connected to an aligned community was revealed once again and the seed of HAVEN was planted in our hearts. And as we study self sufficient communities around the world, the vision has continued to expand and clarify.

What is regeneration? What is regenerative real estate?

“Regeneration means renewal or restoration. It’s the process of recycling energy in any system to generate life.”
– Heather Jo Flores, Author Food, Not Lawns

It might be obvious that regeneration is already embedded into all organic life. It is only man-made systems, designed through a lens of separation, that have enacted destruction towards the very things that help life to thrive. If we hope to make beneficial changes in the way we live, we must first look within, to redesign our inner worlds and reunite with the spirit of creation.

With regenerative real estate development, we aim to eliminate the use of extractive methods and toxic materials in building our homes and cultivate living systems that support the health of the individual, the community and the environment.


HAVEN is located in the center of Quintana Roo, Mexico, just outside of the historical town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto and immersed in the remaining vestige of the Maya forest garden.

We are conveniently situated close to international airports, a stop on the Maya Train, tourist destinations such as Tulum, Bacalar & Valladolid and many cenotes, lagoons & ancient temples. Serving a rich lifestyle of diversity and exploration.

Who will live in haven?

We are building an international community of people with diverse gifts, skills, passions and experiences, who use their hands to realize visions they hold in their hearts. A group of teachers and students, artists and builders, gardeners and scientists, dreamers, thinkers and doers, all sharing a common goal of meeting our highest potentials.

We are looking for people who feel a strong call to live a life of harmony – who want to make a beneficial contribution to the Earth and share more than just place with their neighbours. People who are inspired by the idea of integrating their lives with the forest, who have a desire to grow their own food and support nearby communities through education and collaboration. 

Most importantly, we are seeking neighbours who are aligned with our guiding values. People who are grateful to live each day, surrounded by the beauty and abundance of nature. People who are mindful of what they consume, how their choices impact their surroundings and who carry love in each action they take.

We are so excited to meet everyone who is called to this vision!

What makes HAVEN different from other communities?

Rather than just another real estate development, HAVEN is a self sufficient nature bonding community nestled into the forest, that grants its members the space, tools, structure and education required to create a thriving and harmonious life. Residents not only own the land but also become shareholders and co-creators of a portfolio of regenerative businesses that further improve quality of life.

do you sell land or houses?

We are selling shares in a community that holds land, amenities and business ventures in commons. Each homestead share is equal to 2.1% of the organization and grants private access to 1 hectare of land, in which the members can use up to 25% or 2500m2 (26,910 ft2) to develop their homestead. This area is inclusive of all structures, roads, ponds, pools, outdoor living areas and annual gardens.

We also offer turnkey services in which we can design, construct and furnish your homestead for you.

what are the sizes of the lots?

All homestead lots are 1 hectare (2.47 acres). You are permitted to develop up to 25% of the land.

Are there any restrictions on what I can build?

Yes. To maintain a harmonious balance of integration with the ecosystem, we have several development restrictions in place including:

    1. 75% of each hectare must remain covered in forest.
    2. No living tree larger than 30cm in diameter may be removed. In case of special circumstances, a request must be submitted.
    3. No single homestead structure can utilize more than a 100m2 (1076 ft2) footprint or be taller than 3 stories.
    4. Renewable energy must be used as the primary source of electricity.
    5. Grey water filtration must be used in your homestead design.
    6. A biodigestor must be used to treat black water. Otherwise, dry toilets are also permitted as an alternative.
    7. The perimeter of each homestead must remain forested as to deter visibility of structures from public view.
    8. A composting system must be included in your homestead design.
    9. Nature bonding & permaculture principles must be followed in the design and construction process.

In order to best serve the needs of the community, we are creating Architectural Design Guidelines and putting together a Design Review Committee to approve all structures to be built. The intent of the guidelines are to maintain high standards of balanced integration with the environment. We do not intend to dictate an architectural style, but rather to provide owners and their architects with a set of guidelines that will foster harmony for the people and the place.

do you offer financing?

Yes, to make HAVEN ownership more accessible we can offer in-house financing. However, you are not permitted to develop permanant structures on your plot or receive any profit share until the payment schedule is complete. Financing of our turnkey development service must be discussed. 

We understand that each financial situation is unique, so we work together to develop the best financing options.

what infrastructure is included?

Roads to the driveway of your plot and your selection of 7 fruit trees are included with your shareholding. We will also develop an array of amenities and businesses over time, as prioritised by community members in our quarterly meetings.

If you select a turnkey option, solar, water & waste systems are included.

Where will my children go to school?

The community will develop a school in the village center that seeks to nurture the individual spirit and interests of each child. Inspired by Waldorf, Montessori & Schetenin systems.

Is there aNY restriction on pets?

Our community is embedded within a delicate ecosystem full of wildlife. Cats & dogs naturally become hunters in this environment and can disturb the balance of many species if left to roam. There is also concern about maintaining a peaceful environment. That being said, we will work with residents to determine how we can cultivate harmony in our relationships with the animal kingdom. You will receive a detailed description of any restrictions in the community bylaws before closing on your homestead. How would you integrate your pets into this forest landscape?

what common spaces will be available?

As a resident of HAVEN, you will have access to an array of shared spaces and amenities, which include:

The Heart of HAVEN: Our central gathering space with co-working, classrooms, market spaces and wifi access. 

Edible Gardens: An experimental biodynamic farm that will grow organic herbs & vegetables for our community. We will also plant perennial food forests throughout the property.

An Amphitheater: A large open-format, partially covered area with a stage to host community meetings, artistic showcases & events.

Sacred Spaces: A temazcal and meditation labyrinth for deeper connection with spirit, self & nature.

Cenotes: Natural underground pools with stairs and decks constructed for access.

Yoga Shala: An open-air, covered yoga space with bathrooms.

Fitness Trails & Sports Park: Trails will traverse the forest for hiking, running & biking with stops along the way for training in strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.

Community interest will determine further development of amenities.

what type of internet services are available?

Currently, you can set up high speed satellite internet through Starlink, HughesNet or ViaSat. We will consider fiber optic options in the future. If you prefer to keep your home unplugged, you can enjoy internet services at the AMARA Residence or in the village center.

how will the community be governed?

The community will be governed through a democratic process centered around quarterly meetings where everyone will have a chance to speak and each resident has a vote on important issues, policy changes and developmental initiatives. Membership is subject to the agreement of community bylaws, stated in our ownership contract. Bylaws are currently under development and will be made available to any serious prospective residents.

are there economic opportunities available for residents?

Yes, there are several ways you can earn an income within the community. 

Personal gardens: Sell your personal harvest from your private plot. We will appoint a community produce manager that will be responsible for selling excess fruits & vegetables to local hotels, restaurants and organic markets.

Bamboo production: You are welcome to plant and harvest bamboo on your private plot and we will facilitate the treatment and sale of the poles for construction development within the community and surrounding municipalities. 

Entrepreneurship: Offer your gifts and purpose to create a private business that fulfills a community need. Each homestead is welcome to use up to 21 m2 of commercial space in the village center to support their entrepreneurial vision.

Become a team member: As we grow there will be several full time positions made available in the school, gardens and market.

Co-operative businesses: Each homestead becomes a shareholder of our co-operative businesses including our school, market & community gardens and will receive a profit share quarterly. Residents are also welcome to propose additional business ventures at our quarterly meetings and will be supported with a start up budget if approved.

HOW WILL Co-owned businesses be operated?

Our co-operative regenerative businesses will be organized by holocracy where members will take on defined roles in their area of interest. All members will receive a profit share of all economic activities of the organization and operating members will receive additional profit share for their time input. A comprehensive business plan is currently in development and will be made available to any serious prospective residents. 

is there an HOA fee? How is it structured?

We estimate the HOA contribution will be $3000 mxn per month, per homestead. Your contribution can be offset with time contributed to community development and may also be deducted from your profit share. Over time, members will collectively determine whether this fee needs to be adjusted to better meet community needs.

What is the process to become a resident?

To become a resident of HAVEN, first you will fill out our application and make a plan to visit our community. We don’t sell online and meeting us in person is a must to move forward with your membership.

After your visit, during which you will choose your plot, we will send you a purchase offer to fill in, which will be the base of our contract. After the acceptance of your purchase offer, we will sign a contract with a notary and you will pay your deposit.

Once funds are received, you can proceed to design & build your home. Upon move in, you will contribute monthly to the HOA to support maintenance of the grounds & development of our shared spaces.

Can I share my lot with my family & friends?

Yes, you may name several owners in your 2.1% shareholding. Keep in mind you must stay within the 2500m2 (26,910 ft2) footprint limit. This area includes structures, roads, ponds, pools, outdoor living areas and annual gardens.

is there a limit on how many Residents can live IN haven?

Studies show the ideal size of a self sufficient community for longevity, social fulfillment, diversity of skills and economic viability is 150 people. While we don’t have a strict limit on how many residents the community will hold, we are aiming for an average of 4 people per household, with 36 residential lots available.

Will everyone at HAVEN be full time residents?

We foresee having a mix of both full time and part time residents. While we encourage full-time residency, we also understand some creators & entrepreneurs may have the need for a few home-bases and a flexible lifestyle.

Can I rent out my home?

Yes, you may rent out your home short term while you are out of town. Vacation rentals will be managed by the HOA including marketing, bookings, cleaning & maintenance. 21% commission applies to cover any operational costs incurred. Any profits remaining from this commission will be included in the member profit share.

If you would like to rent your home on a long term basis, you will be required to notify the HOA 30 days in advance of any rental agreement. Renters must comply with community bylaws. The HOA retains the right to nulify any rental agreement should bylaws be violated. The wellbeing and enjoyment of members remains the highest priority.